The Philadelphia Eagles wear Kelly green silver; the Oakland Raiders wear silver and black, but the color of Super Bowl XV Sunday will be yellow.

As a tribute to the 52 hostages freed this week after 444 days of captivity in Iran, the National Football League will distribute an estimated 80,000 yellow ribbons to fans attending the NFL championship game.

In addition, a giant yellow bow has been attached to the face of the Superdome. The bow measures 80 feet across at its widest points, 30 feet from top to bottom and has 180-foot streamers.

Scouts will distribute the bows at entrances to the Superdome. In addition to the fans, members of the media and Superdome personnel, entertainers and everyone else involved are being asked to wear the ribbons. The officials will wear yellow armbands.

The Eagles invited relatives of the players to watch them shake out today in the Superdome.

About 1,000 attended the 25-minute session and cheered the Eagles. The Raiders worked out there for 80 minutes, but permitted only a pool reporter to attend.

Coach Dick Vermeil said after the Eagles' drill: "I get the feeling that the boys are getting a little uptight. I can't put my finger on it, but they are not as loose and relaxed as they were on Friday."

Running back Leroy Harris did not appear to be bothered by a slight hamstring muscle pull as he took his regular turns.

Coach Tom Flores of the Raiders said: "It's going to be hard to hold them in the locker room until 5 o'clock (Washington time). I feel real good about the game and our players want to get out there. There is no injury report; everybody is healthy. Everyone is anxious for this game to get started."