It may be home, sweet home, to ACC-weary, returned-prodigal Coach Norman Sloan, but the University of Florida's new fieldhouse is as much a basketball riot as dreadful old Alligator Alley.

Remember the Florida-Miami football game last month in Gainesville when Gator fans hurled fruit, trash and even manure on the field until finally Coach Howard Schnellenberger rubbed their noses in it by ordering a field goal with time running out and a three-touchdown lead? The wild ones were at it again at the Florida-Florida State basketball game Monday night; harassing FSU cheerleaders, adding obscenities to their chants, screaming dirty words after every call they didn't like.

Then, with six minutes to go, Sloan objected to an officiating call -- two technicals worth. Here it came: Frisbees, trash, ice, cups raining onto the court. "Hey," Sloan yelled to the crowd. "Don't do that. Let me handle this."

"You won't see anything ever hit the floor again at the University of Florida," the former N.C. State coach pledged the day after the 82-71 loss to FSU (a few days after the 102-48 loss to Kentucky). "Before the next game, I'll get on the mike and speak to them." Well!

Larry Peccatiello probably will be brought in as Redskins' linebacker coach this week, bringing nine years of NFL experience at that job -- four at Houston, the past five at Seattle, where, since, 1978, Coach Jack Patera also had him coordinate overall defense. That speaks well for Peccatiello, former William and Mary star receiver.

And LaVern Torgeson huddled at Redskin Park yesterday about a third stint on the Washington staff. Redskin Coach Joe Gibbs evidently left it up to Torgy whether he wants to leave Ray Malavasi's Los Angeles faculty and become defensive line coach here instead. Torgeson was an assistant here 1959-61 and at Pittsburgh 1962-68 before George Allen hauled him aboard to coordinate defense for the 1969-70 Rams, 1971-77 Redskins and then again the Rams, where he easily outlasted Allen. . . Ray Callahan, offensive line coach here for Jack Pardee, has found new employment the musical chairs way, as Oiler replacement for Joe Bugel, now on Gibb's staff.

It rained, hard, on the Super Raiders' welcome-champions parade in Oakland yesterday. Thousands of celebrators were undeterred by the city's soakin'est shower of the year, but did Al Davis notice?. . . If parade security was tight, understandably so. Death threats again, pre-Super Bowl. Raider officials confirm that Lester Hayes, Cliff Branch and Kenny King were told, by party unknown, that if they played, they died. Branch was scared enough to score two touchdowns and King one, but with that 27-10 lead over the Eagles, Coach Tom Flores sent all three to the locker room with two minutes to play as New Orleans police had suggested, "if we could do it." Extra protection was provided for the three while, as Raider executive Al LoCasale noted, the threats were not publicized because, "When this kind of stuff gets written, it just gives another nut some idea". . .

In Boston, the Red Sox can't sell would-be free agent Carlton Fisk on a three-year contract guaranteeing $1.575 million with incentives that could stretch it to $2.5 mil -- even if Fisk's brother-in-law is in the Fenway fold. That's three-year contractee Rick Miller. . . In St. Louis, new Card bullpen savior Bruce Sutter is said to have become one of the three highest-paid pitchers, with Houston's Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton. Houston's Joe Niekro isn't far behind. And what if Houston's J.R. Richard were 100 percent?