Roberto Duran is ending the brief retirement that followed his fiasco of a loss to Sugar Ray Leonard, because, says trainer Ray Arcel, "He has to do something to overcome this feeling that he's a quitter."

Duran plans to fight Maurice Hope for Briton's WBC junior middleweight title in May, Arcel said. But Madison Square Garden said it has offered Duran $750,000 to fight WBA junior welter champ Aaron Pryor in a 10-round non-title bout, site and date unset, Pryor reportedly agreeing. . .

"A guy like Archie Manning is capable of calling the plays a whole lot better," and will call most of 'em, Bum Phillips said, and took the edge off doing in New Orleans what he would not do in Houston, introduce an offensive coordinator: King Hill.

Doc Urich, departing Redskin defensive coordinator, has signed on to coach Bart Starr's defensive line at Green Bay -- a big portion of which is Maryland's Charlie Johnson and Coolidge's Mike Butler. . Maryland football '81 has landed 230 pounds of potential 'nother eventual pro DT: Largo's all-Met Kevin Glover.

The Rams have newly re-signed several dissidents, but Vince Ferragamo holds out. Shoot, says Ferragamo; might be better off with beckoning Hamilton, CFL. Who's afraid of Ti-Cat Coach Frank Kush?

For one, Warren Platt isn't. Platt, attorney for deposed Arizona State coach Kush, literally risked his neck for his client in court yesterday at Phoenix. Platt put on a gold-colored football helmet and had Kevin Rutledge, suing Kush and ASU for alleged abuse, demonstrate how he was treated as a Sun Devil. Rutledge, saying this had been part of the daily routine, drew his opened right hand back and slapped Platt on the helmet. Asked if it hurt when supposedly done to him, Rutledge replied: "It rings your head, as you can imagine." Whatever Platt imagined, he also had the former punter grab him by the mask and shake it violently as Rutledge said Kush had done to him. As the 10-woman, three-man jury watched, the lawyer showed that the effect was minimal unless the helmet was unstrapped, and got Rutledge to acknowledge, "Anytime I come off the field I'm always unstrapping my helmet."

Evident Kibosh on effort by Georgia alumni to set up an insurance agency for Bulldog star Herschel Walker. Says David Berst, NCAA enforcement officer, of the plan whose organizers include an auto dealer in Walker's hometown of Wrightville, Ga.: "As I understand it, (they would) be using his name to sell insurance." Veboten. Penalty could include loss of eligibility. . . .

Another flag on FanFare, and how do we get into these things? Some rinksiders did see yellow tape strips on helmets and/or glove cuffs on the Winnipeg Jets in the hockey game here Wednesday, saluting the freed hostages. And the Caps wore 'em too. For poor FF, just another ribbin'.