Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson says a $1,000-a-day cocaine habit robbed him of a career in professional football and landed him in a hospital where he is trying to rid himself of the addiction, the Dallas Times Herald reported in a copyrighted story yesterday.

"Drugs became my downfall," the former Dallas Cowboy linebacker told the newspaper after checking into a hosptial under an assumed name. "I lost friends, family and career."

Henderson, 27, admitted he had used narcotics for the past 14 years, and had used cocaine since 1975, gradually working up to half an ounce a day.

"After I was fired from Dallas, I intensified to free-basing coke (mixing cocaine with either)."

A Dallas narcotics officer contacted by the Times Herald said that buying that much cocaine on the streets in that Texas city would cost about $1,250 a day, and Henderson acknowledged that his habit was costing a staggering sum.

"Drugs almost forced me into bankruptcy." he said.

In the past 15 months, Henderson has been fired by the Cowboys, waived by the San Francisco 49ers and rejected by the Houston Oilers, who failed to offer him a new contract.

His marriage has broken up, he has been a defendant in two lawsuits and his north Dallas home, now vacant, is up for sale, he said.

Reggie Jackson says if he doesn't renew his contract with the New York Yankees before the start of the baseball season, he will likely become a free agent who can pull "a Binks Job."

Jackson reportedly will be paid $580,000 in the last season of his five-year contract with the Yankees.

"Once the season starts, I'm six months aways from the Brinks job. Please pass 'Go' and collect nine million bucks from somebody."

Team owner George Steinbrenner has signed free-agent outfielder Dave Winfield to a contract worth in excess of $15 million for 10 years, and Jackson apparently wants a per-season rate comparable to that.

"Tough to sit on that on-deck circle making $800,000 less than somebody hitting in front of you," Jackson said.

The Atlanta Hawks have announced that 7-foot-1 center wayne (Tree) Rollins will undergo knee surgery Tuesday and will miss the remainder of the season.

The operation will involve the removal of a band of tissue called plica that runs along the top of the knee joint. It is the same procedure that was followed when Rollin's right knee was repaired last May.

Argentinian soccer star Diego Maradona has been traded by Argentinos Juniors to Boca Juniors in a $9 million deal.

Argentinos President Prospero Consoli said the clubs were still competing details of the complicated trade in which Boca was to give Argentinos $6 million in cash, $2 million in benefits and six players valued at a total of $1 million for the 20-year-old Maradona.