Steve Little, in an electric wheelchair, provided an uplifting report out of Arkansas the other day but Chester Marcol is a downer again in Wisconsin: life on the edges of the place-kicking profession, in which Redskin Mark Moseley has been pegged the NFL's highest-paid.

Process of elimination in a survey of 1980 salaries points to Moseley as the $130,000 man. The veteran Marcol was knocked down to zero by elimination as Green Bay kicker early last season, and made print shortly thereafter by going on an alcoholic binge and admitting it was not his first. Salvaged in December by Houston when Toni Fritsch, who had his own off-field problems, was hurt, Marcol told of a long battle with the bottle but hoped he was getting the problem licked. Now, though, from Shawano County, Wis., word that Marcol was arrested Sunday on a charge of disorderly conduct at an apartment complex and ticketed for a detoxification unit. He left jail on $578 bond yesterday.

Little was eliminated from St. Louis Cardinal employment when, mired in a slump, he was beaten in a practice kicking duel by Neil O'Donoghue, and he, too, went off course after his firing. Car wreck, paralysis.

But there he was last week, laughing and joking at a toast-and-roast in his honor in Little Rock. "Really, sitting here looking at all the people and seeing the big TV trucks outside and Pat Summerall (fellow ex-kicker, fellow ex-Razorback) in here, I'm kinda looking around wondering where the rest of the team is so we can play," Little said.

Wife Cindy at his side, Little vowed someday to rise from his wheelchair: "It's just a matter of time. The good Lord will heal you when he wants to."