While Lefty Driesell and his players would prefer to make us think that their poor execution is temporary and that improvement is coming any day now, the basketball picture at the University of Maryland has reached the critical stage. Forget what the Driesell loyalists keep tossing out as excuses, the program is in grave danger of falling apart like never before.

If only the people who can flip the "on" switch to "off" would do so, and admit publicly that what they have been whispering privately for six years: there are coaches right down the street who can recruit and coach at the same time. Then the chronic problems could be alleviated today.

How much frustration does an intelligent fan have to go through before what should have been done years ago is carried out?

If the Terps were a pro team, the owner would have laughed Lefty away long ago. But Maryland is owned by the people who run Maryland athletics, and when you're as astute a politician as Lefty is, you get on the politicos' good side for life, which just about buys you lifetime job security.

Nevertheless, the millions of us who cannot be heard, ask the few who can: take a deep breath, write that letter that asks for his resignation, hide out somewhere if you're afraid of his sharp tongue, and you'll have done your duty.