There are 10 teams in the CBA, divided into two divisions. In the West are the Alberta Dusters, Anchorage Northern Knights, Billings Volcanoes and Montana Golden Nuggets. Six teams are in the East -- The Rochester Zeniths, Atlantic City High Rollers, Scranton Aces, Philadelphia Kings, Maine Lumberjacks and Lehigh Valley Jets.

Each team is affiliated with two or three NBA games and any player drafted or waived by those NBA clubs becomes an automatic draft pick of the CBA teams. Rochester is affiliated with Cleveland and Houston.

The CBA plays a 40-game regular-season schedule beginning Nov. 21 and ending March 3. The first round of playoffs must end by March 11, the second round by March 17 and the final championship round by March 31.

The first two rounds are best of three and the final is best of seven. This year, the first three games of the championship series will be in the eastern city and the last four in the West.

The cut down on travel costs, only two designated Eastern Division teams travel west during the regular season and two west teams go east. The CBA is subsidized by $195,000 a year from the NBA, of which $75,000 goes to the officials.

Former CBA players now in the NBA are Billy Ray Bates of Portland, Charlie Criss of Atlanta, Carlos Terry, Andre McCarter and Anthony Roberts of Washington, Edgar Jones of New Jersey, Kenny Higgs of Denver, Mayor Jones of Houston and Brad Davis of Dallas.