According to Byron Rosen's column on Friday, Feb. 27, Lefty Driesell is frustrated because he can't reach his critics who are decrying his lack of coaching skills. He would like to punch them out.

I would like to amplify this situation with the following comments:

It is totally incomprehensible to me that a person of Driesell's stature is so thin-skinned as to allow the opinions of fans to infuriate him to the extent that he challenges them to a public brawl.

I agree with most of these people to the extent that Lefty's coaching over the years, with the talent he himself has extolled to the high heavens, has not been as fine caliber as many other coaches with far less talent.

Finally, I would like to say that I am a lifelong resident and fan of Maryland sports. I have reached the euphoria of the peaks and the depressions of the valleys of their programs. With all this I can honestly say that over the years Lefty Driesell has had as much talent assembled as any coach in the country due to his marvelous recruiting talents and yet I recognize that a large portion of this talent becomes wasted or excess baggage due to some inexplicable internal problem which I don't pretend to understand.

I am 50ish, 5-foot-8, overweight at 180 and also out of shape. So if Lefty wishes a confrontation he may do so but at my terms and after he has spoken to my attorney.