When is Lefty Driesell going to grow up? It was bad enough to listen to his perennial whining about the NCAA excluding his Terps in the years before conference nonwinners were granted tournament bids. It gets worse when we must bear witness to his brazen, almost threatening, announcement that the recent victory over a so-so N.C. State unit has, in his mind, clinched an NCAA invitation. But it becomes absolutely intolerable when an adult individual who occupies a position that places him in the public eye, and therefore unavoidably subject to public criticism or praise, as the case may warrant, manifests so little class as to brutishly shout that he'll "smack somebody in the face" should he or she dare to express an unfavorable opinion as to his coaching abilities. It has often been said that Lefty is an outstanding recruiter but a less than brilliant floor leader. While agreeing wholeheartedly with the later part of that statement, I am not quite convinced as to the verity of the former. Lefty is a shotgun recruiter, avidly grabbing up the most talented players, but without astutely anticipating and meeting his team's precise needs. The marked imbalance between Maryland's powerful and deep front court and its anemic back court is evidence of this. Lefty Driesell must learn to accept the fact that this year's Maryland team has been a source of disappointment to its fans, and that both his recruiting and coaching in certain games must be held responsible. And it would be nice if just a little of the class of some of our other area coaches could rub off on him. Please be advised that my name, address and phone number can be found in the D.C. phone book.