If you fellows are all through making the world safe for sports trivia, how about laying off Ken Beatrice? I'm no rabid Beatrice fan, but I like his show when I tune in, and I'd hate to see him driven out of town by some journalistic vendatta.

Dave Kindred's lame excuses aside, the Tony Kornheiser piece was a hatchet job. If you're going to gig a man for mistakes, pick something better than whether a basketball player's first name is Ray or Raymond. And why publicly embarrass him for petty deceptions about his background no more harmful or relevant to his ability -- or newsworthy -- than the puffery you'll find in just about every resume and government Form 171 floating around town?

As for Beatrice's reticence about his "scouting network," I thought you defenders of the faith were gung-ho about protecting the confidentiality of sources. Anyhow, who cares where he gets his information so long as it's generally accurate (as even you admit it is)?

Furthermore, why did Kornheiser's piece need the Kindred defense? I was always taught good reporting should stand on its own, which says something about a piece requiring all this after-the-fact justification. Nor does Kindred impress me much with his view that it's good, responsible journalism to "investigate" the credentials of sports experts. I sure haven't seen any similar pieces on, say, Tom Boswell, or Dave DuPree, or Andrew Beyer.