General Manager Bobby Beathard says that at least four teams showed interest in Redskin fullback John Riggins at the National Football League's annual meetings, which ended yesterday in Maui, Hawaii.

"I gave those clubs his phone number and they said they would call him," said Beathard, who declined to name the teams. "some of them are really interested in John and maybe something will be worked out."

Riggins apparently has a veto over any trade, since the language allowing the Redskins to automatically assign his contract to a new team was crossed out when he signed his Washington pact five years ago.

League sources say Miami and New Orleans are seeking fullbacks, which probably means they have talked to Beathard about Riggins, who sat out last season in a contract dispute.

Washington is hoping to obtain a high draft choice or choices for Riggins, although his status before the draft won't affect its first-round selection, which is expected to be a defensive lineman.

Beathard also said he has initiated talks with a number of teams concerning trades that would involve Redskin players. Only a handful of Redskins are considered untoubhable, including quarterback Joe Theismann and receiver Art Mond, but not linebacker Brad Dusek among others Team sources will not rule out a possible future trade that could involve one or more of the Redskins' most established stars.

The Redskins are interested in Baltimore's Joe Washington, who would fill their need for speed in the offensive backfield. But Washington is also being sought by a number of other clubs which have more draft choices and players they can surrender. Beathard is expected to talk to the Colts after he returns from Hawaii.