Redskin Coach Joe Gibbs and John Riggins held a lengthy meeting at Riggins' home in Lawrence, Kan., this week, but the veteran fullback gave no indication he was about to end his retirement.

Team sources indicated that Riggins said during the meeting that if he did return to football, he wanted to play for the Redskins and not be traded to another club.

But Gibbs, who had never talked to Riggins before, was reluctant yesterday to discuss what went on at the meeting, other than to say: "We had a good meeting, and I think we got to know each other much better. I was happy with it.

"But John gave me no commitment one way or the other. Things really haven't changed at all. It's a delicate situation and a lot of things have to be worked out."

Sources say the Redskins are preparing a contract proposal for Riggins that would add incentives to the option year of his contract, which would come up in the 1982 season if he plays this year.But the team again has told him it would not guarantee his pact, the major demand Riggins has made since leaving the club in July.

"They are going to give him their best (contract) shot and see what happens," said one source. "They aren't going to guarantee anything, nor are they going to offer him more money. For him to earn more, he'd have to produce on the field."

Riggins indicated last week he wanted to come back to football, but was reluctant to return until an arbitrator settled his grievance against the Redskins. A decision is not expected until August, at the earliest.

The Redskins have been actively trying to trade Riggins, but the fullback has refused to talk to teams when they have called his house. Riggins can veto any trades.

Gibbs said he decided to stop off in Lawrence on the way home from the league meeting in Hawaii "because I wanted to meet John. He wouldn't talk to me on the phone. I wanted him to see what I was like so I could get a rapport going with him.

"I told him what he means to us and what our plans were. Beyond that, there isn't much else. I just think it was useful for both of us and I'm glad I did it."