It's ex-Ram, about-to-be Alouette Vince Ferragamo, and if where there was smoke there is now fire, try another wisp: Ferragamo to Lynn Swann burning up the Canadian Football League in 1981? Could Swann be more than just pipe dream smoke?

Not if Nelson Skalbania can help it -- Skalbania, who has enough dollars, Canadian and otherwise, to have bought NHL and NASL teams for Calgary to go with his Pacific Coast League baseball team in Vancouver; to have wooed the major league Seattle Mariners, and made pro basketball ponder an NBA expansion franchise in Vancouver. And, freshly certified as owner of the Montreal Alouettes, to have announced a tentative contract agreement -- four years, personal services -- with Ferragamo, who quarterbacked the 1979 Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl -- and contacts with Swann, a star of the Pittsburgh Steelers who won that Super Bowl.

The Alouettes couldn't sign Ferragamo until they compensated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for CFL rights. Done; a running back and a receiver dispatched yesterday to aid incoming Coach Frank Kush.And Skalbania says: "Swann is available and his contract has expired."

If the longstanding Ferragamo item is no longer rumor, never mind the one about George Allen running the Montreal club for Skalbania. The Alouette official who approached Swann was Coach Joe Scannella -- Skalbania has retained both Scannella and General Manager Bob Geary in their posts.