Quarterback Vince Ferragamo says that, contrary to statements made by his agent, he is still leaning toward signing a professional football contract with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League rather than returning to the Los Angeles Rams.

"There is nothing new as far as the Rams go," Ferragamo said in Anaheim, Calif. "The contract with Montreal is taking a while to arrange because it's being revised and the lawyers have been busy with other things."

David Fishof, Ferragamo's New York-based agent, said Thursday that his client may return to the Rams. "Basically it is 50-50 now," said Fishof. "Vince is probably torn. He has both offers and can chose either one. It's in his hands."

However, Ferragamo saw things differently.

"Nothing is final but I'm leaning toward Montreal," he said. "Dave was here and I talked with him mainly about a trip I'm supposed to make April 15. He likes to talk and blow things up."

Ferragamo, who led the Rams to their first Super Bowl in January of 1980, had become one of the National Football League's highest-rated passers this past season with Los Angeles.

After playing out his option to become a free agent, Ferragamo has been negotiating with Los Angeles and Montreal.

He reportedly was offered $500,000 a year for four years plus a percentage of gate receipts by Alouette owner Nelson Skalbania. The Rams reportedly have offered $325,000 a year for three years, with a percentage of that deferred, and a provision for additional payment for last season, when he was paid $52,000 by the NFL team.