I have followed the events of the NASL franchise move from Detroit to D.C., with great enthusiasm, and, frankly, I am a little puzzled. Actually, I am happy that pro soceer has returned to town, particularly with its benefits for the youth in the metro area, but why raise the ticket prices?

It appears to me that the former Detroit Express endured a higher lease with the Silverdome people than that which was offered here with the D.C. Stadium Armory Board. Also it was my understanding that the Detroit people were ecstatic over the move here, with the market potential and following in Washington based on attendance figures from last year's team.

We were treated to championship soccer supreme with the former Diplomats the past couple of years, and at prices lower than the public is now asked to bear for an unproven franchise using the same name. I consider this an unfair encroachment upon the integrity of Washington soccer fans. But despite this possible marketing error by the new ownership, I feel there are many hard-core soccer buffs who will turn out and be supportive of the "new" Dips -- I will, for one -- and I wish Mr. Duncan Hill and his franchise the very best of luck and good fortune here in our town. I would just like to believe that the "youth market" in particular will be given future price considerations.