Representatives of management from all of America's major professional sports have planned a meeting in New York City Thursday to discuss methods of dealing with labor-mangagement problems common to the various sports.

This novel meeting, a sort of sports mogul war council to combat an era of huge salaries for athletes, is intended as a kind of cross-pollination of ideas on how to cope with the demands by sports unions, players and agents in the NFL, major league baseball, the NBA, the NHL and pro soccer.

"I'm surprised that nothing like this has been tried before. I assume each sport has things it can teach the others," said Jack Donlan, the representative of the NFL's player relations council, who will be in charge of the league's negotiations with its players union next year. "So many pro sports have had similar union problems, yet have different tactics in dealing with them, that it seems obvious we ought to try to learn from each other.

"When I worked in the airlines industry, it was quite common for various airlines to have meetings to discuss ways of dealings with, for instance, a pilots union or baggage handlers union or whatever. Even if there were different unions dealing with the various airlines, you could still pool your knowledge."