When a Howard University dormitory was closed for renovation Feb. 24, four of the school's scholarship wrestlers had to move out and seek other housing.

They refused to be placed in cramped temporary housing and instead rented an apartment off campus. They also were upset that the athletic department and Wrestling Coach Cecil Diggs didn't actively help them find better campus housing.

For two months they struggles to pay rent on a Northeast apartment, about eight blocks from Howard's campus. But they ran out of money and the landlord evicted them Friday. "He sat our stuff out on the street as we watched him," said freshman Erwin Reed. "But there was nothing we could do."

For the last three nights, Reed, Miguel May and Billy Smith have been sleeping on the floor of a friend's garage, close to their old apartment on Adams Street. The fourth wrestler, Orlando Wallace, returned home to Chicago last Tuesday, the night many Howard athletes boycotted their awards ceremony and issued a list of 18 demands for improvement in the athletic department.

Athletic Director Leo Miles said through a spokesman yesterday that the wrestlers were told not to refuse the temporary housing.