Maryland's search for a new athletic director has been suspended by Chancellor Robert Gluckstern because a list of the top six candidates appeared in Wednesday's editions of The Washington Post.

According to athletic department sources, Gluckstern suspended the search because he was concerned that if one of the six candidates dropped out it might appear that the school was not getting its No. 1 choice.

Gluckstern was out of town yesterday and could not be reached for comment. A secretary in the chancellor's office said, "No one here can speak to you about that," when a reporter called seeking comment.

The six candidates interviewed by the search committee were: Fred Gruninger, athletic director at Rutgers; James Lessig, athletic director at Bowling Green; James Bailey, associate athletic director at Alabama; Bill McHenry, athletic director at Washington and Lee; Roy Kramer, athletic director at Vanderbilt, and Dick Dull, an assistant athletic director at Maryland who was being pushed by many within the department for the job.

Although it is uncertain what Gluckstern will do next, it is likely that the committee will be asked to start over in narrowing its list and perhaps come up with some new names.