Max McNab, the general manager of the Washington Capitals, returned from the World Ice Hockey Championships in Sweden Thursday and met with owner Abe Pollin for the first time since the Capitals ended their NHL season in 17th place.

"We had quite a reasonably lengthy meeting, discussing the future and one thing and another," McNab said today. "Everything revolved around doing what has to be done to keep things moving. Anything else will have to come from Mr. Pollin."

Pollin has maintained silence the past four weeks, saying only that he was "doing a lot of thinking" and that, in the meantime, he would not discuss Capital Centre, the Capitals or the Bullets.

Pollin next will meet with McNab, Coach Gary Green and other members of the Capitals' organization on May 11, McNab said.

While in Sweden, McNab met with the father of Timo Blomquist, the Finnish defenseman who will soon complete his military service. McNab wants to sign Blomquist and allow him to acclimate himself with the Capitals' farm team in Hershey, but he must overcome both the father's desire for Blomquist to attend college in Finland and the natural objection of European players to play in North American minor leagues.

McNab reported that all six of the Capitals' participants in the world championships had performed creditably -- Mike Gartner, Dennis Maruk, Rick Green and Ryan Walter for Canada; Bengt Gustafsson for Sweden, and Alan Hangsleben for the United States, which surprised with a fifth-place finish.

Hangsleben left hurriedly and arrived in Sweden without his skates. He borrowed a pair that were tight across the instep and asked for hot water to soften the fabric. An attendant instead poured boiling water on hit foot, leaving the foot blistered and Hangsleben in considerable pain for several days.

Goaltender Mike Palmateer has undergone minor surgery to remove a tiny bone spur from his right knee. Goalie Dave Parro, who suffered three dislocations of the left shoulder in the past nine months, had the shoulder repaired by surgery.