Robinson's David Koury blocked a loose ball into an open net during a last-minute scramble to lift the host Rams to a 1-0 victory over Lake Braddock last night in a Virginia AAA Northern District boys soccer game.

Koury, a junior who entered the game with just two minutes remaining as a front line substitute, lunged at the ball along with forward Steve Pressing after Stan Kwitnieski's penalty kick. The ball spun by Lake Braddock goalie Jim Miller, who had made an initial save, and went into the net with 52 seconds remaining.

"All night, just like all year, we had chances but couldn't get anything," said Robinson Coach Steve Baumann, whose young team improved its record to 7-3-1.

"Finaly, we got a break, a break that we shouldn't have needed, but did against a pretty tough Lake Braddock team."

Except for several isolated thrusts by Lake Braddock (5-6), the Rams controlled the midfield, created numerous scoring opportunities and dominated the game everywhere but in the scoring column.

In both the first and second halves, Pressing worked his side of the field to perfection. The 5-9 junior had two scoring opportunities late in the first half and a breakaway with just over two minutes remaining in the second half, whic Miller stopped.