Some veteran Washington Redskins came away from the club's last mini-camp unimpressed with the team's No. 1 draft choice, Mark May.

These veterans, who say May is slow and unsure of his blocking techniques, think the Redskins might have made a mistake picking him so high.

"We aren't the least bit upset with Mark," General Manager Bobby Beathard said. "Mark wasn't in the best shape for the camp and things were thrown at him pretty fast. Clubs have been calling and telling me we have a future all-pro on our hands." Line Coach Joe Bugel agreed, saying, "May is going to be a great one.He did nothing to disappoint us."

But one concession for May already has been made. After being tried briefly at left tackle, he has been returned to his more familiar right-tackle spot, where George Starke now plays. It is unlikely that the Pittsburgh all-America will beat out Starke or, as the Redksins had hoped, become an immediate first-stringer.

May had been projected to replace left tackle Terry Hermeling, who will be 35 at the start of next season. Now, Jerry Scanlan, the second-year free agent from Hawaii, will try to nudge out Hermeling. Scanlan has the ability to start, but only if he works harder than he has in the past before training camp starts in July.

With the trade of guard Jeff Williams, it is possible there may be as many as four new starters on the offensive line this season: Scanlan, guard Fred Dean (for Ron Saul), either Melvin Jones or Gary Sayre (for Williams) and Russ Grimm at center. But whether the coaches would consider such a change for the opener against Dallas is another question.