The Cosmos' Giorgio Chinaglia had praise for Diplomat Peter Carr last night after he kept the NASL's all-time scoring leader pointless for the first time since July 12, 1980.

Chinaglia had three shots in the game. He has averaged seven shots a game. In 10 games this year he has taken 67 shots. He has scored 15 goals and has assisted on four others.But in two games against the Dips he has gone without a goal and had only one assist.

"Washington played very well," said a subdued Chinaglia. "They deserved to win. They wanted to win this game. They marked me tight tonight. It's a long season. I'm sure there'll be other games I'll go scoreless in." i

"Carr does it with tremendous guts and determination," said Diplomat Coach Ken Furphy. "I never realized he'd play as well as he has. He had a calf injury and I don't know if he should have played."

"It just comes natural," Carr said. "I'm pleased with the way I'm playing and even more pleased that the team is playing so well. All I wanted was to go up and beat them.

"Giorgio was very sick after the match. He wouldn't even shake hands or anything. That's not like him. He knew I was there knocking him. Every time he got the ball I was there."

Chinaglia denied that he had spurned Carr's attempts at shaking hands. "I was walking up the field," he said. "I had nothing against their players. I was upset at myself."

This was the Cosmos' first trip to Washington since they won Soccer Bowl '80 last September. These teams met in New York three weeks ago in a game that ended in a controversial 1-0 Dip loss. The Dips claimed the Cosmos had won on a hand ball.

Tonight the Diplomats got their revenge. Known for their defensive play, the Diplomats were the aggressors.

Furphy said they had gone into the game hoping to hold Chinaglia off by blocking his right side. We gambled he'd play on his right side and wouldn't go left. The one time he made a good turn he went offside.

"It was a good game, and I hope the spectators enjoyed it as much as I did. The Cosmos made us defend for 20 minutes solid. When it was 3-1 we could have murdered them and we let them get back in the game."