Voicing frustration with Maryland's restrictions on medications to treat bleeders, trainer Bud Delp says he will move his operation from the state's thoroughbred tracks and race in a New Jersey-Florida circuit.

"It's not fair to horsemen or to the public," Delp said. "I have a dozen horses that I know are bleeders but they can't abe treated with Lasix because they haven't bled on the track so the vets can see them."

Maryland limits the use of the bleeder medication to horses that state veterinarians have seen bleeding during postrace examinations. "Some of these horses can work in 34 (seconds) and change while they're treated with Lasix, but they can't use it during the race.

Delp, who trained Spectacular Bid, winner of the 1979 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, said one of his horses didn't bleed on the track after running Thursday at Pimlico Race Course. But the same horse bled in the stable.

"He's a $30,000 horse that will wind up being worth $5,000 or maybe nothing," Delp said. "The (Maryland Racing) Commission doesn't understand this and they're not protecting the public. They won't take the word of a reputable vet. They say we're all liars. In New Jersey, it's different. A bleeder there can be treated."