Certainly not enough consideration has been given to quality passing. Just to direct the ball toward a teammate is not sufficient. Emphasis must be put on the accuracy, pace and type of the pass to be given.

The perfect pass is when the receiver can meet or control the ball with ease and not have to "fight" with it.

Time means space. A good pass can help a teammate get that space. Always try to make your teammate look like a good player, so try to pass the ball when he is in a good position.

Actually, there are seven parts of the foot that can be used to pass the ball. The instep, for the longest passes, then the "slice" and "banana" kicks that require the inside and outside of the instep. These three are mostly used for distance.

The other four are mostly used for short passes, the most common of these being the "inside of the foot" pass. Contact for this pass is made with the big part of the foot, the extension of the leg.

It should be noted that the larger the area with which the ball comes into contact, the more chance there is for accuracy.

The remaining three are used for much shorter passes, although pro players have been known to send the toe and heel pases remarkable distances. The "toe-poke" (a self-explanatory name), is mostly used to do just that. The player stretches out to reach the ball before an on-coming opponent and pokes the ball to a teammate.

The heel pass is extremely difficult to execute accurately because of the type of movement necessary and the small area of impact on the ball. However, it can be a very effective pass. You usually find a more skillful player, probably a forward, using that pass.

The remaining one, the "sole of the foot" pass, is probably used the least. It can be used to pass the ball backward, similar to the heel pass, or if a player happens to be taking a free kick, he can roll the ball forward or backward to a teammate with the sole of the foot.

Probably the two most effective passes are the penetrating pass, otherwise known as the "through pass," and the diagonal pass, which can be used to eliminate the sweeper and also transfer the point of attack effectively.