Abe Pollin, owner of the Washington Capitals and the Washington Bullets, said yesterday that he has no immediate plans to sell either team.

"I am the owner of both teams now. If and when I decide to make a change, I'll let you know," Pollin said at a news conference. "Right now, there is no change."

In recent months, Pollin has been reported to be considering selling either or both teams because of heavy cash losses, but he has generally avoided contact with the media to discuss the reports.

His appearance yesterday came at a press conference with Prince George's County Executive Lawrence Hogan to discuss a consultants' study outlining the Capital Centre's tax contributions to the county over the past 7 1/2 years and to salute the Centre for drawing its 20 millionth customer this spring.

Praising the Centre, built with private funds on publicly owned parkland, as a model of cooperative between government and private industry, Hogan issued a proclamation naming yesterday as "Capital Centre Day" in Prince George's County.

The study, by management consultants Booz Allen and Hamilton, said the Centre has paid $13.3 million in taxes to Prince George's County since it opened, generated $60 million in related spending and created 700 jobs.

Pollin described the study as a periodic updating of data he likes to keep on the Centre. In response to a question, he said he had no plans to use the material as an argument for a subsidy or tax relief, but he declined to discuss the Centre's financial operations.