With enormous talent and a strong desire to succeed, gymnast Terry Bartlett appears to have all the tools to make any future U.S. Olympic gymnastic team a winner. But while he trains and will attend college here, he wants to complete for his home country, Great Britain, in the Olympics.

Bartlett, who has been in the United States for only seven months of extensive training, led more than 160 boys competing in the U.S. Gymnastics Federation Junior Olympic Region 7 championships that began with compulsories today at Hammond High School. The best of this field will go on to the national championships at Brigham Young University June 25-27.

The competition resumes Sunday with the optional competitions at 12:30. No results were announced today; qualifiers will be announced after Sunday's competition. Region 7 is considered the most difficult of the nine regions -- 25 of 120 qualifiers for the 1980 nationals came from Region 7.

Barlett, a member of the Gymnastrum club, has been training in Reading, Pa., and currently is the Pennsylvania state champion. He is competing in Class I, the advanced division, along with teammate Jon Levy and Wes Suter, the Maryland Class I state champion.

Barlett, who will graduate from a Reading high school on Monday, says he is confident about his progress and will keep on training harder, noting that an Olympic gymnastics team comprises only six people.