Dick Dull, currently an assistant athletic director at the University of Maryland, is expected to be named the school's new athletic director when the board of regents meets Friday, according to sources at Maryland.

Dull is the second choice of Chancellor Robert Gluckstern, who offered the job last week to James Lessig, the athletic director at Bowling Green (Ohio). Lessig turned down the job.

That left Dull and Roy Kramer, Vanderbilt's athletic director, as the remaining candidates from an original list of 30 that had been narrowed first to six, then to three.

The board of regents is expected to approve Dull. The board had already told Gluckstern, who conducted the final round of interviews himself, that any of the three finalists would be acceptable.

Dull has a lot of support within the athletic department, led by outgoing Athletic Director Jim Kehoe, who coached Dull in track as an undergraduate at Maryland. Kehoe is retiring Aug. 1 and the regents are expected to name his successor Friday so he can have a transition period with Kehoe still around.

"Everyone in the department wants him," said one source in the athletic department. "The only question has been Gluckstern. He didn't want to go with Kehoe's guy; that's why he offered the job to Lessig. Clearly, it would be tough to get a guy from Vanderbilt accepted here, given their record recently."

Kehoe has been the acting athletic director since May 1980, replacing Carl James, who resigned to become commissioner of the Big Eight Conference. In a recent interview, Kehoe said he had wiped out the $400,000 deficit the athletic department had accumulated under James.