Richard Dull, a graduate of the University of Maryland, was named athletic director of his alma mater yesterday.

University President John S. Toll announced Dull's appointment after a meeting of the board of regents. Dull, 35, will assume control Aug. 1 from Jim Kehoe, who is retiring.

"Naturally, I'm very elated over being selected," said Dull, an attorney. "This is something I've always been interested in since I was a student-athlete here. I always looked to blend legal training with athletics and now I'll see if the two can work together. I think my being an athlete here will help me. I'm proud of my performance here in the last 5 1/2 years and I feel I'll be able to relate very well with the athletes."

Dull said his immediate concerns are an increase in the sale of season football tickets and an improvement in the academic performances of the athletes.

"We are happy with our athletes' academic achievement but, since the NCAA has upgraded its standards, we want our athletes to improve academically," said Dull.

"But our primary problem here revolves around the fiscal budget," he said. "We have to work within that. By being associated with the university, I felt I knew the problems better than the other candidates. My commitment would be a natural one where the other people, all of whom were excellent candidates, would have an acquired commitment."

Robert L. Gluckstern, Maryland chancellor, said Dull's legal training and business expertise played a major role in his selection.

Dull was an outstanding javelin thrower as an undergraduate at Maryland and was graduated from Maryland's law school. He was the assistant track coach at Maryland and business manager of the athletic department from 1975 until 1980, when he was named assistant athletic director for nonrevenue sports.

Kehoe has been associated with the university 43 years.