Ah, another "local" golfer to brag upon: July cover guy on Golf Digest, no less. Greg Norman, no less.

Norman, the blond Australian shark hunter and long-ball hitter, "has been seeing," reads the magazine story touting his golfing future, "a good deal of Laura Andrassy, a comely American Airlines stewardess from Washington, D.C., who accompained him to the Masters this spring . . ." Well, Norman placed fourth in the Masters in April, three shots behind Tom Watson, and this Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria, Norman and Andrassy wed.

The couple plans to buy a home in the Washington area, as well as maintain residences in London and Australia. Funny the Normans didn't make the guest list Tuesday night when Australia's Prime Minister Jalcolm Fraser dined at the White House. But U.S. Open champ David Graham did -- graham, whom Golf Digest quotes as venturing: "Norman is the next great player of the world". . .

On Capitol Hill, a hearing July 14 is set to open a series that, says Rep. Peter Rodino (D-N.J.), House Judiciary Committee chairman, "will take up a task left unfinished by the Select Committee on Professional Sports in 1977. That committee reccommended that the antitrust treatment of professional sports receive further study." So, here they go again, Judiciary's subcommittee on monopolies and commercial law specifically to examine:

Baseball's exemption from anti-monopoly laws; league restraints on movement of franchises; territorial restrictions; restraints on players' entry into leagues and their mobility among teams; sports broadcasting's exemptions from antitrust laws. Study, study, study.

Navy's and Pitt's athletic directors made it an eightsome in Philadelphia as Penn State (Joe Paterno), West Virginia, Temple, Urtgers, Syracuse and Boston College discussed forming a major Eastern conference. Pitt's Cas Myslinski, a surprise show-up, stressed, "We want a full conference, not just football." Paterno said all will meet again next month.

Richmond U. promoted Dick ytarrant, 50, three-year assistant, last night to succeed Lou Goetz as basketball coach. Goetz quit last week.