George Allen, former Redskin coach, said yesterday, "If the right college job came along, I'd be interested in it."

Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown has made it know he would like to replace the current University of Kentucky football coach, Fran Curci, with Allen. Reached at his home in Palos Verdes, Calif., yesterday, Allen said, "There's a whole long story with this, but that's all I really want to say right now."

Allen's oldest son George, a 29-year-old Charlottesville attorney who is acting as a spokesman for his father, elaborated a bit last night. "If all things were right and he felt comfortable, he definitely could go to college football.He loves pro football, yes. But he also loves coaching, though I still don't know why. If he gets the right situation, he'd go."

Asked if Kentucky were the right situation, Allen's son said, "Let's just say it's being considered, but it's at such a stage where so many things have to be ironed out, it's much too early to say. He hasn't talked to anyone in the athletic department. He's also gotten feelers over the years from a lot of other colleges. Illinois was one. But my dad loves Kentucky and he is definitely looking into it."

In a copyrighted story in the Louisville Courier-Journal yesterday, Brown was quoted as saying he had become increasingly disenchanted with Curci's program over the last two or three years.

"I've been talking (to university administrators) till I'm blue in the face," Brown said, "but nobody seems to be listening. A losing team for 30 years is not good for the state. I think we can turn it around in a short period of time and have something we can be proud of."

Brown, one of the university's major donors and a longtime Kentucky athletics booster, told the Courier-Journal he wants the university to hire Allen, 59, as soon as possible. Practices begin in four weeks, on Aug. 10.

Brown said Allen had not definitely agreed to take the job, but said: "I think you know me well enough to know that unless there was some interest involved, I wouldn't get interested."

Brown called Allen "a milk and ice-cream guy" who would fit well into a college environment. The governor also said he thought Allen could in still the discipline he belives has been lacking under Curci.

"I think it's the best opportunity since (former Wildcat coach) Bear Bryant was here," said Brown. "I don't want to let a good opportunity slip by. A George Allen might not be available a year from now. I feel it's not out of order for me to present this to the president and the (university) athletics board."