A proposed track meet at Capital Centre, designed as a high-powered kickoff for the 1982 indoor season, has been shelved for at least another year. k

"We found that we could not do everything we wanted and do it right in so short a time," said Sandra Ruch, manager of cultural programs and promotions for Mobil Oil, the prospective sponsor. "We want to do it properly, with a benefit dinner and other things focusing track attention on Washington. We want it to be a big deal. It's by no means dead. We're hoping to do it in 1983."

The meet had been listed tentatively for Jan. 8, 1982, on the schedule prepared by the Indoor Meet Directors yassociation at its meeting in Sacramento, Calif., June 21. It was to have been the first of 10 meets in which performances would count toward the Mobil Grand Prix, with monetary awards dispensed to the clubs of athletes amassing the most points over the season.

Among the problems facing Mobil was the purchase of a new track, since the one used for the old National Invitational Meet at Cole Field House was too worn to be worth reworking for use at the Centre.

Mobil, which sponsored the U.S. Track and Field Championships this year, both indoors and outdoors, as well as an abbreviated outdoor Grand Prix, will continue its track promotional efforts in those areas.

"It's too bad it couldn't be worked out this year; I think the sport needs it," said former National Invitational meet director Bob Comstock, who had prepard a detailed proposal for the meet at Mobil's request. "The meet would have captured media attention. In Washington, the athletes would have gotten publicity they can't get competing in Louisville, Cleveland or Timbuktu."