Negotiations between the Redskins and Mark May, their No. 1 draft choice, appeared headed for a climax Tuesday following a meeting late this afternoon between Redskin General Manager Bobby Beathard and Ralph Cindrich, May's attorney.

Beathard, who flew to Pittsburgh today to meet with Cindrich, said late last night: "I think this will be decided one way or the other tomorrow. We had a lot of dialogue without much movement today, but they said their deadline was Tuesday, and we'd like to solve it by then, too.

"It's at the point where we have to get Mark signed and in camp if he is going to be able to contribute anything this season." Beathard said.

Beathard said he would return to Cindrich with a final proposal Tuesday morning. He said he would not characterize it as a take-it-or-leave-it offer, but added there was not much more room for give in his proposal.

There is a possibility May might sign with Montreal of the Canadian Football League. Cindrich said today that he has had talks with Montreal, but refused to say how close he was to an agreement. It was reported Sunday that May and Montreal had begun negotiations.

"We talked extensively and now I'm waiting for Mr. Beathard to get back to me with further ideas about a contract. I can't say right now whether we're any closer or not to an agreement. I'll know more when he gets back to me. But at least we're still talking."

Beathard denied that Montreal's involvement with May had anything to do with his trip. "I want to find out once and for all," he said, "whether May is going to sign or not. If he isn't, then he'll either wind up in the CFL or sit out the year."

It is believed May has been seeking a three- or four-year contract for about $100,000 his first season and a large signing bonus, probably in the $250,000 range. The Redskins are offering figures in line with what Art Monk got last year: a signing bonus of less than $200,000 and a first-year salary between $70,000 and $80,000.