Jon Turner, the injured George Washington University basketball player who appealed the school's decision to remove his scholarship in May, may settle the issue without a hearing before a university panel.

Attorneys for both parties said Friday they have been discussing a resolution that would cancel Turner's hearing committee, scheduled for July 30.

Turner, a prospective sophomore whose knee injuries have kept him from playing basketball the last two years, had challenged the scholarship removal under a provision of NCAA rules.

"We've been talking about finding a resolution that would be best for Turner, for the school and for the basketball team," sadi Turner's lawyer, Robert Matty of Landover. "Both parties would like to settle this without a hearing."

Bob Faris, the GW athletic director, said Friday that he had no comment on the matter.

Turner's scholarship became a controversy last spring when Gerry Gimelstob, a former assistant to Bob Knight at Indiana Universsity, replaced Bob Tallent as the GW coach. Both Turner and Gimelstob have said that their relationship was strained from their first meeting.

Though Turner's future as a basketball player was questionable, Tallent had promised to keep Turner on scholarship another year. Turner, a 6-foot-4 guard, had been an all-state player from Bloomfield (Conn.) High School his junior year, and injured his knee the following summer.

Gimelstob's recommendation not to renew Turner's scholarship was because of the player's "attitude problem," he told The Washington Post in May.

"I really can't say anything now," Gimelstob said Friday from New Jersey, where he is recruiting. I'm only going to follow the recommendations of the athletic director.