Unlike last year's training camp, when John Riggins chose the fvirst day of veterans' practice to leave the team, the Redskins made it through today with their squad intact. Coach Joe Gibbs was pleased to have everyone reporting in decent shape.

"We just went over the basic stuff and tried to catch everyone up on what we have been doing," Gibbs said."It will be interesting to see how fast it takes the veterans to get on the same level with the rookies who have been here. That'll be a test."

The veterans will begin two-a-day workouts Monday, when they will be joined by the rest of the squad. Gibbs gave all players participating in Saturday's scrimmage against the Colts the day off.

What started as a good week ended tragically for tackle Joe Jacoby, whose mother died Friday night in Louisville.

Jacoby, a free agent from the University of Louisville, had enjoyed an outstanding camp before injuring a leg in a Wednesday scrimmage. After the news about his mother, Jacoby returned home immediately.

Gibbs said he had not yet reviewed the films of the Saturday scrimmage. "We'll go over them tonight and then make some decisions," he said.

It is expected he will make some squad cuts this week, although he is not required to reduce the team to 60 until mid-August.