Attempts by the Redskins to persuade rookie guard Gary Sayre to rejoin the club apparently have failed, perhaps for good.

General Manager Bobby Beathard said he had talked for the second time with Sayre, who quit camp last week, but couldn't convince the fifth-round pick to return.

"It doesn't look good," Beathard said. "Darn it, we'd love to have him back. But he says he just doesn't want to play anymore. I hope he changes his mind."

Tackle Jerry Scanlan has a badly swollen lower leg, the result of being kicked in practice. Coach Joe Gibbs said Scanlan's injury isn't serious and he should be out for only a day or two.

With center Dan Pieffer sidelined temporarily with a badly bruised leg and guard Fred Dean hampered by a sore elbow, development of the revamped offensive line has been slowed.

The city of Carlisle, where the Redskins have had their training camp for 15 years, will hold a "Redskin Appreciation Day" Friday for the benefit of United Way.

About a dozen players will appear at cermonies in the center of town. A football and one of Joe Theismann's jerseys will be raffled off and "Carlisle, Pa., Loves Those Redskins" T-shirts will be sold to raise money for the charity.

"Sometimes it may not seem like we realize the value of having the Redskins train here, but we really do," said Diane Kallmann of the city's Economic Development Center.