Penderbrook's Mark Guttenberg, who says he was the victim recently of a scuba scam, would like to spread the word to fellow golf course pros.

Guttenberg says he contracted with a scuba diver to sweep the Fairfax course's ponds of golf balls. The deal, says Guttenberg, was for the course to receive half the balls and the scuba diver to take the other half. Penderbrooks sells the salvaged balls and uses them for its driving range.

"The first day he came up with 1,700 golf balls (which Guttenberg says the diver kept) and he said there were 6,000 more and he said he'd be back the next day to finish the job," contends Guttenberg. "We haven't seen him since. This guy burned us pretty good. He took about $170 worth of balls. Maybe we were a little too trusting.We had another guy come back and finish the job and we did business with him right on the spot.

"The piont I wanted to make was he was interested in some of the other courses in the area that had water holes. I wanted to make sure that all the other golf professionals knew about him. He might have got us but we'll make sure he doesn't get anybody else."