Maryland Coach Jerry Claiborne has promised a more diversified offense this year to keep opponents from massing at the line of scrimmage against workhorse tailback Charlie Wysocki. On the basis of the first full-scale scrimmage yesterday, he was not just sending a smoke screen.

Instead of the traditional opening gambit of Wysocki right and Wysocki left, quarterback Bob Milkovich threw right and threw left, each time hitting split end Russell Davis for 13-yard gains. A fullback trap, a quarterback keeper and a wingback reverse preceded Wysocki's first carry, which resulted in a six-yard touchdown.

The Terrapins' offense scored on six of nine possessions against the scout team, which was aligned in the defenses used by Vanderbilt, Maryland's first opponent, which it plays on Sept. 12.

"We're trying to increase our passing efficiency to get some people off the line of scrimmage and give us running room," said Claiborne. "We'll have basically the same plays, but we'll shift some and move around some, try to cover the whole field and limit the opposition defenses."

Milkovich hit four of five passes for 63 yards and backup Brent Dewitz completed five of six for 52. Wysocki rushed for 36 yards on four carries, including two touchdowns. His replacement, Tim Whittie, scored three times, including a 33-yard run, and ran for 52 yards in 10 attempts.

The scrimmage was held despite the absence of 21 players who were unfit for contact work.

Latest to go down was first-string defensive end Mark Wilson, who incurred a hairline fracture of the fibula in his right leg during a routine drill.

Wilson was playing off a block and was struck as he turned. The break occurred away from the point of contact. Wilson will be in a cast for two weeks, then must wait at least one more week before starting rehabilitation work.

"I wish somebody could come up with a way to practice where there aren't any injuries," Claiborne said. "We're behind in contact work with all the injuries, but we can't put it off any longer. We just had to switch folks around and scrimmage to see what we've accomplished."

The highlight of the scrimmage was a 50-yard touchdown bootleg around the left side of the No. 1 defense by freshman quarterback Stan Gelbaugh. This prompted derisive taunts of "sucker" from amused offensive players.

On the next play, the whistle blew prematurely as defenders vigorously chased freshman quarterback Barry Waseleski. Defensive tackle Mark Duda shouted angrily, "They'd better blow the whistle or you're dead."