The Washington Diplomats' owners, desperately trying to sell the financially ailing NASL franchise before it is terminated, are now faced with angry creditors who say they haven't been paid and are tired of waiting.

All but three of the telephone lines in the club's RFK Stadium offices have been shut off because the Diplomats owe the C&P Telephone Co. approximately $10,000, according to success with the franchise.

The club's general manager, Duncan Hill, an owner and son of majority owner Jimmy Hill, has told most of the club's staff members to take a few days off without pay.

The frachise, which has lost more than $1 million this season, has until Sept. 15 to find a buyer who can meet a $250,000 performance-bond deadline. If it does not, it must resign its membership in the North American Soccer League.

Three sources have confirmed that the club owes its advertising agency, yearle Palmer Brown, as much as $100,000.

"We do owe some people some money," Hill said. "I've given assurances to our creditors they will be paid in full as soon as we sell the franchise.

The Hills also owe $150,000 to the Pontiac (Mich.) Silverdome, where the team, as the Detroit Express, had played.

Steve Winter and Ken Fried, the Diplomats' public relations assistants, said the club owes them $5,046. Gary Fine, the team photographer, said the Dips owe him $1,651.

Fred Fillah, the president of a Hyattsville-based store that provided the Dips with their concession shirts, said he is owed $2,949.

"Everyone will be paid, whoever it is," said Hill.