Cowboys at Redskins

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, 1 p.m.

Data: Cowboys favored by 2. . . "It's like you going into a hell hole when you play up there," says Cowboy WR Drew Pearson about RFK Stadium. "The fans there are a lot more hostile, a lot more rowdy. They just hate the Dalls Cowboys". . . Who could hate America's Team? Redskin S Mark Murphy says: "All the kids in my neighborhood love the Cowboys. I've read about them in Mexico. I guess they're the World's Team now" . . . Cowboys have won 16 straight season openers. . . Cowboy RB Tony Dorsett never has gained 100 yards against the Redskins. He's averaged 3.3 yards on 128 carries.

Cowboy injuries: RB Timmy Newsome, ribs (O); G Tom Rafferty, calf (G); RB James Jones, groin (Q); WR Tony Hill, groin (P); SS Charlie Waters; wrist and knee (P); TE Jay Saldi; ankle (P); K Rafael Septien, groin (P); CB Dennis Thurman, foot (P).

Redskin injuries: KR-S Mike Nelms, hand (P); DE Wilbur Young, shoulder (P); G Russ Grimm, ankle (P): TE Don Warren, toe (P); CB Lemar Parrish, hamstring (P); TE Rick Walker, ankle (P); LB Rich Milot, shoulder (P). Packers at Bears

Date: Bears favored by 4. . .The Packers are back with durable Coach Bart Starr in his seventh year of missing the playoffs. . . Very durable Bear RB Walter Payton aims for a sixth straight, 1,000-yard rushing season. . . Very, very durable Bear DT Alan Page begins his 15th and final season. . . Packers, who started 13 LBs last year because of injuries, hope 1979 team MVP Rich Wingo stays healthy.

Packer injuries: No injuries reported.

Bear injuries: LB Jerry Muckensturm, shoulder (O); SS Gary Fencik, knee (P); DE Al Harris, thigh (P). Saints at Falcons

Data: Falcons favored by 9. . . What will Bum Philips think when he sees all those New Orleans fans wearing two bags over their heads this year?. . . Saints, 1-15 last year, hope Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers helps bedraggled, bedeviled QB Archie Manning, who never has played on a winner in NFL. . . Falcons loaded in backfield (Lynn Cain and William Andrews), in air (Steve Bartkowski, Wallace Francis, Junior Miller, et al) and on defense (Al Richardson, Joel Williams). . . Phillips has installed 3-4 defense after Saints yielded 30 points a game in 1980.

Saint injuries: TE hoby Brenner, foot (D); G Sam Adams, hip (P); CB Dave Waymer, arm (P).

Falcon injuries: DT Wilson Faumuina, shoulder (Q); QB Steve Bartkowski, thumb (P); LB Fulton Kuykendall, hamstring (P); T Warren Bryant, knee (P). Eagles at Giants

Data: Eagles favored by 6. . . Giant Coach Ray Perkins closed practices last week to prevent leaks to Eagles. One NY writer asks: "What do the Giants really have to hide?". . .Who knows? Eagle Coach Dick Vermeil says: "It's the best looking Giants team I've seen since I've been here". . . Eagles seeking 12th straight win over Giants, who last made playoffs in 1963. . . Giant LB and No. 1 pick Lawrence Taylor starts opposite Pro Bowler Brad Van Pelt. . . Last season Eagles scored club-record 384 points and yielded NFL-low 222 points.

Eagle injuries: DE Dennis Harrison, knee (O); FS Bernard Wilson, knee (D); T Stan Walters, groin (Q); WR Charles Smith, knee (Q); WR Harold Carmichael, knee, (Q); Robinson, shoulder (Q); RB Wilbert Montgomery, hand (Q).

Giant injuries: De Gary Jeter, knee (O); RB Leon Bright, thigh (D); WR Danny Pittman, jaw (Q); RB Louis Jackson, hamstring (Q); CB Jerome King, ankle (Q); Rb Leon Perry, knee (Q); G Bill Ard, elbow (Q); G.J.T. Turner, toe (P); TE Tom Mullady, back (P); T. Jeff Weston, toe (P). 49ers at Lions

Data: Lions favored by 4 1;2 . . . 49er defense, next to worst in NFL in 1980, revamps itself: new starters include LBs Jack Reynolds and Keena Turner and rookie DBs Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright and Carlton Williamson . . . 49er offense, however, has little change: Expect Joe Montana to pass and pass and pass . . . Lions, who danced to 5-0 start last year before stumbling, again depend on RB Billy Sims (1,303 yards rushing, 16 touchdowns) . . . Lion DE Doug English returns after year's absence in private business.

49er injuries: RB Paul Hofer, knee (D); TE Eason Ramson, knee (D); LB Dan Bunz, shoulder (Q); SS Ricky Churchman, knee (Q); LB Kenna Turner, hamstring (P); G-c John Choma, ankle (P); LB Bobby Leopold, shoulder (P); WR Matt Bouza, neck (P).

Lion injuries: WR Mark Nichols, shoulder (O); FB Dexter Bussey, knee (D); T Karl Baldischwiler, ankle (Q); RB Rick Kane, concussion (P). Colts at Patriots

TV: WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, 1 p.m.

Data: Patriots favored by 6 1;2 . . . After four straight preseason losses, Colt Coach Mike McCormack says: "We're tight like we're scared to death of making mistakes, and we're making them anyway" . . . Bert Jones' career remains enigma; last year, Colt QB had career highs in completions and yardage but team was 7-9 . . . Patriots, NFL's late-season swoon stars, will start four No. 1 draft choices in secondary: Ray Clayborn, Mike Haynes, Tim Fox and Rick Sanford . . . Erratic Steve Grogan holds off Matt Cavanuagh as Pats' starting QB.

Colt injuries: LB Sanders Shiver, foot (Q); WR Roger Carr, knee (P); WR Brian De Roo, foot (P); TE Tim Sherwin, thigh (P); RB Cleveland Franklin, knee (P); RB Curtis Dickey, neck and ribs (P); DT Daryl Wilkerson, shoulder (P); DE Donnell Thompson, knee (P).

Patriot injuries: Wr sTanlely Morgan, knee (D); RB Vagas Ferguson, ankle (Q); NT Ray Hamilton, ankle (Q); RB Horace Ivory, hamstring (P); C Pete Brock, ankle and knee (P); LB Rod Shoate, shoulder (P); G Bob Cryder, foot (P); LB Mike Hawkins, thigh (P). Chiefs at Steelers

Data: Steelers favored by 8 . . . Steelers say they want "One for the Thumb," a fifth Super Bowl ring, after missing playoffs last year for first time since 1972 . . . Chiefs go with Bill Kenney at QB because of Steve Fuller's knee problems . . . Steelers have beaten Chiefs seven straight times . . . If Hollywood Bradshaw passes only as well as he acts, Steelers may have to depend on running game . . . Chief DE Art Still emerged as all-pro last year with 14 1;2 sacks.

Chief injuries: QB Steve Fuller, knee (O); QB Bill Kenney, ribs (Q); C Jack Rudnay, knee (Q); CB Paul Dombroski, hamstring (Q); WR J. T. Smith, ribs (P).

Steeler injuries: QB Mark Malone, knee (D); TE Randy Grossman, ribs (P). Jets at Bills

Data: Bills favored by 4 1;2 . . . Buffalo's talkin' proud about its Bills, who last year had NFL's best pass protection and best third-down conversion percentage (52.9) . . . Jets had disappointing, NY Giants-like 4-12 camgaign in 1980 and hope Richard Todd finally matures into big-play QB . . . Jets' No. 1 draft pick, RB Freeman McNeil, had impressive preseason . . . Bills' LB unit of Jim Haslett, Shane Nelson, Isiah Robertson and Lucius Sanford has started every game two straight seasons.

Jet injuries: TE Mickey Shuler, shoulder (O); LB Grey Buttle, hip (Q); DE Mark Gastineau, ankle (Q); WR Wes Walker, groin and Achiles (Q); WR Kurt Sohn, hip (Q); RB Mike Augustynik, ribs (Q); QB Richard Todd, knee (P).

Bill injuries: RB Lawrence McCutcheon, foot (Q); G Jim Ritcher, knee (Q); S Jeff Nixon, knee (Q); RB Curtis Brown, knee (P); DE Darrell Irvin, leg (P); DE Sherman White, shoulder (P); DE Ben Williams, ankle (P); WR Jerry Butler, hamstring (P). Seahawks at Bengals

Data: Bengals favored by 4 1;2 . . . "Jim Zorn is as quick a quarterback as I've seen in setting up," says Seahawk Coach Jack Patera. Zorn also good at falling down; Seahawks allowed 51 sacks last season . . . Seahawks, losers of last nine games in 1980, never have won season opener in five years in NFL . . . Bengal Qb Ken Anderson recently earned law degree but must rely on shaky offensive line to avoid being mugged . . . Seahawk Wr Seve Largent credited with three straight 1,000 yard receiving seasons . . . Bengals use 3-4 defense with Wilson Whitley at nose tackle.

Seahawk injuries: S John Harris, shoulder (Q).

Bengal injuries: QB Jack Thompson, ankle (D); RB Jim Hargrove, toe (D); C Blake Moore, knee (D); WR Isaac Curtis, cheek (Q); LB Glenn Cameron, groin (Q); WR Cris Collingsworth, hamstring (P). Raiders at Broncos

TV: WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Data: Raiders favored by 2 1;2 . . . After releasing Dan Pastorini, Raiders have only two QBs, Jim Plunkett and Marc Wilson . . . After 10 years as assistant robot for Tom Landry, Dan Reeves debuts as Bronco coach . . . Change in Bronco offense: shotgun formation on certain downs; stagnation in Bronco offense: 38-year-old QB Craig Morton returns for his 17th season . . . And once again here roar the mean, imposing Raiders, past home of Jack Tatum and George Atkinson, current home of Al Davis and Lester Hayes and future home, perhaps, of a Los Angeles mailing address.

Raider injuries: NT Reggie Kinlaw, knee (Q); CB Odis McKinney, jaw (Q); LB Jeff Bas, shoulder (P); DE Dave Browning, neck (P); G Curt MARCave Browning, neck (P); G Curt Marsh, ribs (P); T Lindsey Mason, knee (P); LB Matt Milen, leg (P); RB Chester Willis, groin (P).

Bronco injuries RB Rob Lytle, shoulder (P); QB Craig Morton, concussion (P); LB Tom Jackson, ankle (P). Oilers at Rams

TV: WRC-TV-4, 4 p.m.

Data: Rams favored by 6 . . . Rams in usual turmoil with controversy over De fYred Dryer's status; Coach Ray Malavasi wanted to cut him, but Dryer has no-cut contract . . . Ed Biles replaces Bum Phillips as Oiler coach and switches Earl Campbell from HB to FB after three straight rushing titles . . . Pat Haden, veteran of Rams' QB wars, step sin to replace departed Vince Ferragamo . . . Oilers, seeking fourth straight playoff berth, will deemphasize double-TE formation and rely on semiretired Ken Stabler as QB, at least until Gifford Nielsen is healthy.

Oiler injuries: QB Gifford Nielson, shoulder (O); WR Tim Smith, finger (D); LB Gregg Bingham, finger (Q); CB M.C. Wilson thumb (Q); QB Harold Bailey, rib (Q); LB Ted Washington, finger (Q); WR Mike Holston, hip (P); TE Mike Barber, hamstring (P); T Leon Gray, Achilles (P).

Ram injuries: CB Pat Thomas, knee (Q); DT Phil Murphy, ankle (Q); T Doug France, shoulder (Q); RAB Wendell Tyler, thigh (P); BD Rod Perry, strep throat (P). Dolphins at Cardinals

Game rated even . . . Stop worrying, St. Louis fans. Cardinal Coach Jim Hanifan declares: "I think our attitude going into the season is excellent" . . . Dolphins unbeaten in preseason, and Coach Don Shula has won 11 straight against NFC rivals . . . Cardinal Jim Hart, rated by George Allen in national magazine as one of NFL's top 10 QBs, is back for 16th season . . . Cards annually victim to poor starts -- 0.3 in 1980, 1-4 in 1979, 0-8 in 1978 . . . Dolphins switch Km Bokamper from LB to DE in effort to get better pass rush.

Dolphin injuries: T Cleveland Green, knee (Q); WR Duriel Harris, thigh (P); DE Dough Betters, neck (P); S Glenn Blackwood, calf (P); NT Bob Baumhower, groin (P); WR Jim Defalo, ankle (P); RB Woody Bennett, ankle (P).

Cardinal injuries: TE Doug Marsh, knee (O); WR Mel Gray, shoulder (O). Chargers at Browns

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TZ-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500, 9 p.m.

Dta: Monday night game . . . Browns favored by 1 1/2 . . . A guaranteed 3-hour-plus contest: Chapter QB Dan Fouts (348 of 589, 4,715 yards and eight 300-yard games in 1980) vs. Brown QB Brian Sipe (4,132 yards in 1980 and pupil of Charger Coach Don Coryell when Coryell was at San Diego State) . . . Charger free agent Dwight Scales replaces holdout WR John Jefferso (83 catches in 1980) . . . Chargers recorded NFL-high 60 sacks last year, but Brown's offensive line includes Pro Bowlers Joe DeLamielleure, Doug Dieken and Tom DeLeone.

Charger injuries: T Chuck Loewen, knee (Q); WR Billy Brooks, knee (P); LB Ray Preston, groin (P); DE Frewd Dean, back (P); LB Cliff Thrift, shoulder (P).

Brown injuries: DE Lyle Alzado, calf (Q); RB Dino Hall, knee (Q); LB Curtis Weathers, shoulder (Q); T Matt Miller elbow (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, 75 precent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.