Charley Taylor, former Redskin all-pro wide receiver, has become the first black assistant coach in the franchise's 45-year history.

Taylor worked in training camp as receiver coach on Joe Gibbs' staff, but he had expected to resume his college scouting duties as soon as the regular season began.

Although no formal announcement was made, General Manager Bobby Beathard and Gibbs decided instead to have Taylor continue as a coach for the entire schedule.

"He's Coach Taylor now," Beathard said. "I think it's a great opportunity for Charley. He's done well and he'll benefit by working with Joe and the team will benefit by having him around.

"We still want to have him work as a scout. If possible, he will try to get away to scout a college game on Saturday, as long as he can get back to the team Saturday night. He's proven he can do a good job as a scout and we don't want to lose him."

Bobby Mitchell, an assistant general manager, has agreed to become a full time scout as well, taking over much of Taylor's workload. Mitchell previously scouted part time.

"I'm really pleased with what has happened," Taylor said. "I'm learning a lot, seeing how Joe and the other coaches work. And I believe I can help them by being able to get what they are teaching across to the players.

"I wasn't sure if I was going to like coaching or not, but I have. I enjoy working with these young people. I'm starting to understand Joe's offensive system and I find being able to get involved like this is really exciting."

Gibbs said he encouraged Taylor to try coaching for a season. "He relates so well to the players and they feel they can come to him and talk over their problems. This will be good for him, because when it comes time to make a career decision whether he wants to coach or scout, he'll have the proper background to make the right choice.

"He'll know where he really belongs. And right now, I think he'll find out that coaching is his future. He's really good at it."

Taylor retired before the 1978 season and immediately was named a personnel scout. He is credited with bringing both Rickey Claitt and Charlie Brown to the team's attention.