Dave (Jake) Jacobs, the longtime trainer for Ray Leonard who now is employed by Tommmy Hearns, will not be working in Hearns' corner during the world welterweight fight.

"I wouldn't want to put him through that," Hearns' trainer, Emanuel Steward, said today.

"Jake still is very close to Ray," Steward said. "He's going to be a big help in the preparation of the fight, but it would be difficult for him on fight night."

Jacobs started working with Leonard 11 years ago in Palmer Park, Md., but had to sever his relationship because of disputes between the two fights with Roberto Duran. He joined Hearns' camp Wednesday and said he would help in any capacity that was required.

"I don't expect Jake to add anything to my physical training," Hearns said. "We're too far along for that. As far as strategy against Leonard, well, we haven't talked about that yet."

Angelo Dundee, Leonard's trainer, brushed off a question about Jacobs' presence in the opposing camp.

"I'm glad to see him working," Dundee said. "It doesn't matter to us. Nothing bothers Ray. Things like that don't upset him."

Leonard also shrugged off the thought that his longtime friend now might be whispering secrets in Hearns' ear.

"I just found out yesterday," he said. "It's not a factor at all. We just couldn't reach an agreement and had to part. Jake went where it was more profitable."