George Brett: riled again, in an encounter that left his -- or somebody's -- mark on two reporters -- male and female.

In May, there was the Brett crutch swing at a UPI photographer in Royals Stadium, then the bat smashing of restroom fixtures in Minnesota. One thing leads to another, and . . . third baseman Brett had not spoken to Kansas City Times writer Mike Fish since Fish wrote about the toilet demolition, until. . . Coming out of an Anaheim hotel bar early Tuesday, Fish and K.C. Star sportswriter Janis Carr met Brett also leaving the bar, and began discussing that silent treatment.

Carr faulted Brett for less-than-MVP deportment. Upon which, Brett angrily "pointed his finger in my face. I pushed his hand away, and he pushed my face with his fingertips with some force." Brett said he gently shoved her chin. Fish intervened, Brett swung (Fish said), and after Dean Vogelaar, Royals p.r. man, separated them, Fish bore facial scratches he allowed Vogelaar might have inflicted inadvertently.

After a clubhouse peace talk with Fish next night, Brett declared: "I think that Mike and I will come out of it with a better working relationship than we've had all year."