Green Bay apparently had to give up at least three choices in the first two rounds of the 1982 draft before San Diego would send receiver John Jefferson to the Packers.

Both teams are keeping the exact number and positions of the choices (some lower-round selections also are involved) hush-hush until Jefferson reports to the Packers and passes his physical. But a high-ranking official of one of the teams told United Press International that the Packers gave up wide receiver Aundra Thompson and two high draft choices for Jefferson. The official said the draft picks included a first-round and a second-round choice.

The Redskins are among those teams caught off-guard by the deal. General Manager Bobby Beathard wanted a chance to bid for Jefferson but was told Jefferson probably wouldn't be traded.

"We're disappointed, but the final price might have been too much for us," he said. "I'll be interested to see what the Chargers got.''

This could be called week 0-2. A number of teams that were supposed to be good (the Redskins not included) find themselves winless and pressed to start doing better quickly.

Cleveland was 0-2 at this time last year, but the Browns were dreaming this season about the Super Bowl. Until they can reduce Brian Sipe's passing extremes and get more rushing from Greg Pruitt and Charles White (100 yards total between them), it will be hard for the Browns to improve. And their game at unbeaten Cincinnati today won't be a breather.

The Jets have been plagued by penalties, turnovers and a failure to turn drives into touchdowns instead of field goals.

The Rams may be the most puzzling case. The team has more talent than another gifted 0-2 bunch, the Patriots, but without quarterback Vince Ferragamo, now with the Montreal Alouettes, they are punchless. Yet they can't seem to make a trade for a quarterback despite a backlog of draft picks. The Rams' Ray Malavasi may be the first coach to get fired this year, if Walt Michaels (Jets) or Ron Erhardt (Patriots) isn't.

Oh yes, the Steelers haven't lost three straight since 1970, New Orleans (now 1-1) hasn't been 2-1 EVER in its 14-year history and the Vikings, without a first-rate quarterback, haven't been 0-3 since 1967, Bud Grant's first year.