The New York Rangers, with 42-year-old Bobby Hull scoring the first goal, handed the Washington Capitals their third straight defeat in the Dagens Nyheter Tournament tonight, 4-1.

Bobby Carpenter scored for the Capitals in the second period, cutting New York's lead to 2-1. Carpenter has scored three of his team's six goals in the tournament.

Left winger Hull, playing with New York on a tryout basis, scored the first goal of the game on a rebound shot behind Mike Palmateer.

Mike Allison made it 2-0 before Carpenter ruined goalie Steve Baker's shutout. Mike Gartner started the play from the corner, passing behind the net to Ryan Walter, who fed the puck out to Carpenter for a sharply angled shot.

Palmateer yielded another goal to Nick Fotiu before departing at the 30-minute mark. Dave Parro, fully recovered from shoulder surgery, played the last half of the game and gave up a goal to Eddie Johnstone.

The Capitals, who won this tournament last year, are now 0-3 with one game remaining against Dju rgarden IF Tuesday night.

"We came here last year with only one thing in mind -- to win the tournament," Green said. "We picked the team before we left home. Okay, so we won the tournament, but it didn't mean a thing. It got no publicity in the United States and it didn't count in the (NHL) standings.

"It was a mistake on management's part. We had kids who had won the Calder Cup (in the American Hockey League) and they deserved a chance to play over here. So this year we've brought some young guys with us to see what they can do in this type of competition and we've left some of the older guys like Jean Pronovost, Dennis Ververgaert, Pat Ribble and Pierre Bouchard home. Now if the kids don't make it, at least they had the opportunity to travel."

On the bright side for Washington, Carpenter has looked impressive in the tournament. Asked if he is satisfied with his performances thus far, Carpenter shook his head. "No," he said. "I should be doing better."

Teammates, though, praised the rookie. Walter, his roommate as well as linemate, said, "I wasn't sure at first about his skating because of him just coming out of high school, but he can go pretty good. I can tell you this, he loves to play. And once he learns the system, he'll fit in nicely."

Bob Kelly has been impressed with Carpenter's intelligence. "The kid is smart with the puck," the veteran winger said. "He's got good anticipation, too."

Carpenter has been centering for Walter and Gartner. The Caps' other lines tonight had Orest Kindrachuk centering for Bengt Gustafsson and Kelly; Dennis Maruk centering for Lou Franceschetti and Harvie Pocza, and Tim Tookey centering for Alan Hangsleben and Torrie Robertson.

"Our offense is sputtering at the present time," said General Manager Max McNab, who arrived here early this morning. "The defense played a fairly solid game despite the four goals.

"We're not upset by the defeat. The Rangers brought over the team they finished the season with and they were a fairly composed-looking club. We have given our young guys a lot of playing time, a chance to show what they can do. Some have taken advantage of it, some haven't."