The Green Bay Packers have made their moves to pick themselves up and get back in the race -- now adding Delvin Williams -- and other slow NFL starters are stirring. For instance:

Dan Pastorini offered a Ram contract.

Garo Yepremian out as Tampa Bay's kicker.

L.A. General Manager Don Klosterman said not to worry about that supposed stumbling block to hiring Pastorini: the quarterback's $1.05 million contract keeping him on the Oakland Raiders' payroll through year 2006. "Whatever we contract for has nothing to do with that," Klosterman said. If Pastorini accepts Ram employment, he begins as No. 3 behind Pat Haden and Jeff Rutledge. But things change fast. Nice story, it was up to now, both Dave Shula (Colts) and Dartmouth buddy Jeff Kemp making NFL rosters, Kemp in the spot that now may go to Pastorini . . .

A bitter Yepremian, 14-year pro booted from a third team in three years, got the Buc gate for too low field goal tries, too short kickoffs; rookie Bill Capece takes over. Bucs also replaced gimpy punter Tom Blanchard with ex-Cardinal Larry Swider . . .

But the Packers: evidently all stops being pulled in a drive to recapture Lombardian glory. New contract incentive for quarterback Lynn Dickey, the trade for John Jefferson . . . and now Williams' agent, stressing that the 1,258-yard rusher of 1978 has gotten his narcolepsy (unwanted dozing) medically controlled, said Green Bay is multiyear-contracting him at "more than half" his 1980 Dolphin salary of $275,000 . . .

All this on a day when another Packer, Billy, jumped from NCAA-on-NBC to NCAA-on-CBS (tell 'em, Capt. Airwaves) . . . when the Raiders, as interested as Pastorini in southern California, saw their suit against the NFL delayed some more. Federal Judge Harry Pregerson scrubbed retrial date of Sept. 30 and scheduled Oct. 26 meeting with attorneys . . . when Bum Phillips, Pastorini's old Oiler coach, was released from an overnight hospital stay in New Orleans and went back to running the Saints instead of running a mystery fever -- up to 105 before it broke .

And another Oaklander, A's Manager Billy Martin, angered that players, but not managers and coaches, share playoff money from the league semifinals, threatened not to show for the AL finals or even the World Series if the A's get that far. "We didn't want no strike. Why should we be penalized?" crabbed Martin. Retorted Don Fehr of the players association: "This (playoff scheme) has been set up this way only because of the strike. Nobody asked the coaches to strike and we assume they got paid . . . "

Oops: Little Brown Jug is today.

A. Jackie Jensen raises Christmas trees in Scottsville, Va., near Charlottesville -- and addresses the Alexandria Grandstand Managers Oct. 1 at Belle Haven and maybe the Society for American Baseball Research regional meeting Oct. 31 at George Mason U. . . . Q. What 1981 star's baseball shoes have sent to the Hall of Fame to be exhibited next to those of base-stealing champs Lou Brock and Maury Wills?