The Redskins got some good news for a change yesterday.

Kicker Mark Moseley's groin pull has improved faster than the team expected. Running back Joe Washington, who has been in only one play in the last three games, is increasing his workload daily and Coach Joe Gibbs isn't ruling him out of Sunday's game with San Francisco at RFK Stadium.

"It's a day to day thing with Joe," Gibbs said. "I don't want to play him until he's 100 percent. I hope he'll be ready this week, but it remains to be seen."

Washington said his injured right ankle is still "really sore. The instep, the top of the instep, the other side of the ankle and the Achilles were all twisted. I rely a lot on quick movements and I just can't move that way right now and I don't want to go out there and be a hindrance or a handicap. I've got a few more days till game time and I'm doing more each day, so I might be able to play."

Moseley re-injured the groin muscle in his right (kicking) leg early in the Eagles game last Sunday and then strained his thigh later in the game trying to compensate for the groin injury.

"Monday I was doubting myself for this week," Moseley said, "but today I went out and hit four or five real easy and it felt good. I didn't feel any twinges. I really think that not kicking off is the key to getting well.

"I've had four muscle pulls in my pro career and I've gotten each one while kicking off. I kick off differently than I place-kick. I bring my leg through with a different motion and I don't follow through the same. I'm not worried about this thing affecting my place kicking."

Punter Mike Connell will kick off Sunday in addition to punting. Moseley will kick field goals and extra points.