The idea first started in New Orleans, but the bags fit yesterday at RFK Stadium, and some upset Redskin fans were wearing them early in the team's 30-17 loss to the 49ers.

Saints fans started wearing bags over their heads last year as a symbol of embarrassment over their inept team. After the 49ers scored on their first possession yesterday, two young entrepreneurs decided it was time to take action.

Terry Loughlin, who works the novelty concession stand near section 220, and coworker Chris Steis began selling yellow paper bags. Loughlin wore his bag over his head out in the stands, and hawked them charging 25 cents each.

On the back of his bag was written "Unknown Fan" and after 10 minutes, he had sold 20 and was going back to section 220 for replacements.

Steis tacked up a bag at the novelty stand with "Deadskins" written on the front. He said sales were brisk there as well.

"We're just getting kinda disgusted and the fans are, too," said Loughlin. "We're just trying to make a little beer money. I didn't even know what to charge for 'em. The first guy who bought one gave me a dollar and said it was worth it. But we are not greedy."

Not everyone needed the bag as Loughlin worked the aisle in the lower stands; one fan reached under his seat and pulled out his own paper bag, a brown super market model. "I came prepared for the worst," he said.