Jean Gorley made the winning shot in the third period of overtime yesterday to lead the University of Toronto over Southeast, 4-3, in penalty shots, in the women's final of the 17th annual John F. Kennedy Field Hockey Tournament on the Mall.

John May scored two goals for the Royal Navy of England as it bested Nigeria, 3-2, in the men's final.

"I didn't know that I had to get it in," said Gorley, after the shootout of five penalty tries by each side. "I don't count very well. It's a good thing, eh?"

The Southeast team was the first to come close to scoring a goal during the first half of regulation play when Ethel Armstrong-Merrigan made a right-to-left pass in front of the goal at seven minutes. On at least three other occasions during the first 30 minutes, the Southeast team, made up of club players from Maryland to the Carolinas, missed chances to score.

During the second half, Toronto dominated play, taking nine shots on goal to Southeast's two. Three of the Toronto shots were by left wing Shirley Toogood. Seventeen minutes into the second half, she whiffed the ball when standing squarely in front of an unguarded goal, one yard away.

The scoreless game went into a first overtime period of 15 minutes after which it remained 0-0, then a second overtime period of 10 minutes of sudden-death play. In the first minute of the latter, Southeast's Janet Grubbs took a shot from three yards out that went one foot wide right of the goal. It was the only time either team came close to scoring, forcing the tied game into penalty shots.

The men's championship victory was the first in three visits for the British team, made up of players from all over England. "We always win the 'most disciplined team' trophy at this tournament," said Lt. Cmdr. Ron Gould, the team's coach. "We just started our season. It's the first time we've ever been together."

The British and 10 other foreign teams from seven countries paid their own expenses here for one week in order to compete.