Dick Crum, North Carolina football coach, said today that he thinks there is something wrong with the Carolina-Maryland football rivalry.

"There is something about Carolina-Maryland games that I don't like," Crum said as the Tar Heels prepared to take on the Terrapins Saturday in College Park. "I sense a great deal of dislike, hatred in fact, coming from their side of the field when we play. I don't know why exactly it exists.

"We play a lot of people that want to beat us a lot, but not like Maryland; it isn't the same. For some reason, they seem to preach hating to their kids during Carolina week."

Maryland Coach Jerry Claiborne denied from College Park that his team felt any hatred for the Tar Heels and said such words were a bad idea.

Crum also had said, "I just tell our kids to set themselves aside from it and play the game hard. There's a difference between an intense game and hatred and I don't think their feelings are just intense. I don't think it should be that way."

North Carolina defeated Maryland, 17-3, last year in a game marked by much goading among the players during the game and some taunting by Carolina players after the game, much of it directed at Maryland tailback Charlie Wysocki, who fumbled three times.

Crum and Claiborne also had a confrontation over an exchange of game films. Prior to the game, Crum refused to shake hands with Claiborne and, afterward, the two men argued for several minutes.

In response to Crum's comments, Claiborne said, "I don't know where he gets this stuff from. I sure as heck don't feel that way about the North Carolina program, and I surely don't think any of our players do. I don't have any idea why he would say something like that. I was telling one of the reporters yesterday, it's all right to talk about a strong rivalry, but when you use the words "revenge" and "hatred," that's bad.

"Ever since I've been here (1972), the North Carolina-Maryland game has been a clean, healthy rivalry. And it's always been a big game. But hatred . . . Oh, Lord, I don't like to think of any rivalry in those terms."

Claiborne said quarterback Boomer Esiason "limped through practice yesterday" but should be ready to start Saturday. Esiason suffered a bruised right knee against Duke last week.

Defensive tackle Mark Duda, who has a bruised knee and sprained ankle, will not practice today, resting up for Saturday. Fullback John Nash, the team's second-leading rusher, has practiced all week and appears recovered from a bruised left knee he suffered two games ago.

Kenny Roberts, a sophomore wingback who caught his first collegiate pass Saturday, broke his foot yesterday in a one-on-one passing drill and is out for the season. Tailback Willie Joyner, still bothered by injuries to his hamstring and groin, is out for Saturday. Freshman receiver Alan Sadler, who broke his foot before the start of the season, is now healthy enough to play.

Five Carolina starters, including quarterback Rod Elkins and tailback Tyrone Anthony, did not practice yesterday because of injuries, the team announced.

Elkins and Anthony, who both were injured in the Tar Heel loss to South Carolina last week, are listed as doubtful for Saturday's game.