Lions (4-5) at Redskins (3-6)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WQRA-FM-94.3, 1 p.m.

Data: Redskins favored by 2... Lions 0-5 on the road this season and 0-8 life-time in Washington... Lions' DE Bubba Baker and RB Billy Sims both better after hobbling on "turf toe," caused on artificial turf when a player stops suddenly and joms a big toe against inside of the shoe... Redskin Mike Nelms leads NFC in kick-off returns (30.3-yard average) and is third in punt returns (13.1).

Lion injuries: CB James Hunter, arm (O); T Chris Dieterich, knee (O); DE Bubba Baker, toe (Q); RB Rick Kane, shoulder (Q); SS Luther Bradley, tooth (P).

Redskin injuries: RB Otis Wonsley, ankle (Q); K Mark Moseley, thing (P); CB Lemar Parrish, knee (P); G Melvin Jones, neck (P); RB Wilbur Jackson, knee (P); LB Brad Dusek, thigh and shoulder (P). Falcons (5-4) at 49ers (7-2)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Data: Falcons favored by 2... Falcons' Steve Bartkowski-to-Alfred Jenkins bombs challenge 49ers' young, talented secondary. "I don't see how a wide receiver could be any better than Alfred," says Bartkowski. Over last 1 1/2 seasons, Jenkins has caught nine TD passes of 40 yards or longer. 49ers counter with three-rookie secondary, including Ronnie Lott (five interceptions). USC Coach John Robinson says of his former star: "He's what you want, whether it's football team, a war or a business."

Falcon injuries: T Warren Bryant, thigh (O); G Dave Scott, knee (O); DE Jeff Merrow, hamstring (D); LB Joel Williams, knee (P).

49er injuries: RB Johnny Davis, calf (Q); RB Amos Lowrence, hamstring (Q); RB Paul Hofer, knee (P); QB Joe Montana, ribs (P). Saints (2-7) at Rams (5-4)

Data: Rams favored by 10 1/2... Rams bench QB Pat Haden for Dan Pastorini, who says, "Who knows, this may be my last chance"... "This may be the most critical thing our young team has faced," remarks Saint Coach Bum Phillips, who says last week's 41-10 loss to Falcons was club's worst game of season... Saints beat Rams, 23-17, earlier in season... Saint rookie David Wilson starts at QB.

Saint injuries: C John Hill, knee (O); QB Archie Manning, stomach (D); LB Rob Nairne, homstring (Q).

Ram injuries: QB Jeff Rutledge, thumb (O); DT Larry Brooks, knee (Q); CB Pat Thomas, homstring (P); RB Wendell Tyler, knee (P); LB Jim Youngblood, knee (P); CB Rod Perry, hamstring (P); DT Reggie Doss, heel (P); LB Carl Ekern, thing (P); DE Cody Jones, thigh (P); T Irv Pankey, knees (P); RB William Andrews, arm (P); K-P Frank Corral, heel (P). Giants (5-4) vs. Packers (3-6)

Data: Packers favored by 2... Game in Milwaukee... Last week's successful "Packer Support Sunday," organized by fans, will be repeated... Giant K Joe Danelo (15 of 22 FGs) ranks fourth in NFL history for coreer field goals longer than 50 yards (eight)... Giants start Scott Brunner at QB.

Giant injuries: QB Phil Simms, groin (Q); DT Jim Burt, back (D); LB Brad Van Pelt, elbow (Q); G J.T. Turner, shoulder (Q); WR Johnny Perkins, knee (P); CB Terry Jackson, finger (P); RB-KR Alvin Garrett, knee (P).

Packer injuries: QB Lynn Dickey, back (P). Eagles (7-2) at Cardinals (3-6)

Data: Eagles favored by 4 1/2... Eagle K Tony Franklin's missed 34-yard FG at end of 17-14 loss to Cowboys last week was his first miss this season from within the 35; "I'm probably the most popular man in Dallas right now. It's just a bitter pill to swallow"... Cardinals 3-2 at home, 0-4 on road... In last three weeks, Cardinal WR Pat Tilley has caught 21 passes for 294 yards.

Eagle injuries: LB Reggie Wilkes, ribs (O); QB Ron Jaworski, ribs (P); DE Carl Hairston, knee (P); TE John Spagnola, hamstring (P); LB John Bunting, hamstring (P).

Cardinal injuries: G Joe Bostic, ankle (D); LB E.J. Junior, ankle (Q); LB Charlie Baker, ankle (Q); G Terry Stieve, leg (P). Buccaneers (5-4) at Vikings (5-4)

Data: Vikings favored by 4... Buccaneer LB Hugh Green, whose "only weakness is that he's not twins," according to Coach John McKay, becoming prime candidate for rookie of the year... Viking GM Mike Lynn says, "Since 1978, we've been drafting an indoor team" for the club's domed stadium that opens next year. Thus, the Vikings have tried to obtain speed players... Vikings top NFC with 383 yards offense a game.

Buccaneer injuries: WR Theo Bell, thigh (Q); S Cedric Brown, shoulder (P); T Dave Reavis, knee (P); DE Bill Kollar, foot (P); RB Ricky Bell, shoulder (P); CB Mike Washington, neck (P); DT David Logan, hip (P).

Viking injuries: WR Sammy White, leg (Q); WR Mardye McDole, ankle (Q). Jets (4-4-1) at Colts (1-8)

Radio: WCBM-680, WAGE-1290, 4 p.m.

Data: Jets favored by 3 1/2... Colt Coach Mike McCormack reveals that he has been calling many of the plays for QB Bert Jones; "Maybe we can take some pressure off Bert," McCormack says... Pressure on Colt defense grows; it is giving up 33 points and 271 yards passing a game... Jets 4-1-1 last six weeks... Only 35,000, many wearing bags on their heads, expected for the game.

Jet injuries: T Chris Ward, ankle and knee (D); CB Johnny Lynn, shoulder (D); WR Bobby Jones, toe (P); FB Mike Augustyniak, ribs (P); T Marvin Powell, back (P).

Colt injuries: LB Ed Simonini, clavicle (D); DT Mike Barnes, neck (Q); RB Curtis Dickey, ankle (P). Bengals (6-3) at Chargers (6-3)

TV: WRC-TV-4, 4 p.m.

Data: Chargers favored by 4... Charger QB Dan Fouts is averaging 303 yards passing a game. Bengal QB Ken Anderson is having his finest year: 172 of 272, 63 percent, 2,096 yards, 15 TDs, four interceptions... Charger K Rolf Benirschke on record-setting pace for FG accuracy. In five years, he's made 74 of 100... Charger defense, after giving up 26 points a game first six weeks, has improved greatly under Jack Pardee.

Bengal injuries: T Anthony Munoz, knee (Q); LB Jim LeClair, knee (P); S Mike Fuller, hamstring (P).

Charger injuries: RB John Cappelletti, back (Q); CB Allen Ellis, knee and hamstring (Q); S Doug Beaudoin, groin (P); CB Mike Williams, back (P). Dolphins (6-2-1) at Patriots (2-7)

Data: Patriots favored by 1 1/2... In Patriots' Schaefer Stadium, Dolphins have lost five straight... If Dolphins win, Coach Don Shula (199-80-2) joins George Halas, Curly Lambeau and Tom Landry as only NFL coaches with 200 victories... Dolphins have held opponents to 10 points or fewer five times... Patriot TE Don Hasselbeck has four 100-yard receiving games this season.

Dolphin injuries: G Bob Kuechenberg, foot (Q); WR Nat Moore, knee and ankle (Q); S Glenn Blackwood, shoulder (P).

Patriot injuries: CB Mike Haynes, lung (O); DE Mark Buben, knee (D); NT Ray Hamilton, knee (P); CB Keith Lee, abdomen (P); CB Roland James, knee (P). Browns (4-5) at Broncos (6-3)

TV: WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Data: Broncos favored by 4... Browns allowed six sacks last week in 22-13 loss to Bills; "I don't think I did a very good job," says backup C Gerry Sullivan, replacing injured Tom DeLeone... The Craig Morton phenomenon continues: Bronco QB (136 of 221, 2,048 yards, 17 TDs) remains NFL's best. Bronco defense still is NFL's top-rated against pass (137 yards a game yielded) and overall (273 yards a game).

Brown injuries: RB Greg Pruitt, knee (D); LB Robert Jackson, hamstring (Q); LB Curtis Weathers, knee (P); RB Mike Pruitt, knee (P).

Bronco injuries: CB Louis Wright, leg (O); C Bill Bryan, ankle and knee (Q); T Claudie Minor, knee (Q); G Paul Howard, leg (Q). Raiders (4-5) at Oilers (4-5)

Data: Oilers favored by 1... Oilers, who used to have Dan Pastorini, may start John Reaves at QB for injured Ken Stabler. Raiders, who used to have Dan Pastorini, stick with Marc Wilson (45 percent completion rate, three TDs, 11 interceptions)...Raiders' 36 sacks tie for NFL lead.

Raider injuries: C Steve Sylvester, hand (Q); P Ray Guy, back (P); T Art Shell, knee (P).

Oiler injuries: QB Ken Stabler, wrist (Q); RB Earl Campbell, hamstring (Q); S Mike Reinfeldt, rib (Q); T Morris Towns, ankle (P); WR Ken Burrough, groin (P). Steelers (5-4) at Seahawks (2-7)

Data: Steelers favored by 5... Steeler defense, Coach Chuck Noll being questioned heavily by Pittsburgh media... Steeler RB Franco Harris needs 58 yards to join Jim Brown (12,312) and O.J. Simpson (11,236) as only NFL players to rush 10,000 yards... Seahawks 1-10 at home in 1980 and 1981... Seahawks have AFC's worst rushing offense and next-to-worst rushing defense.

Steeler injuries: WR Lynn Swann, hamstring (D); LB Dennis Winston, back (D); WR Calvin Sweeney, bruised lung (D); RB Greg Hawthorne, hamstring (Q); DT Joe Greene, knee (P); DT John Banaszak, hamstring (P).

Seahawk injuries: T Steve August, shoulder (Q); DT Robert Hordy, ankle (Q); RB David Hughes, knee and ankle (Q); LB Rodell Thomas, ankle (Q); K Efren Herrera, knee (P). Bears (2-7) at Chiefs (6-3)

Data: Chiefs favored by 7 1/2... Chiefs very pleased with second- and third-round draft picks this season: RB Joe Delaney is AFC's third-leading rusher and Maryland S Lloyd Burruss has three interceptions and is one of team's surest tacklers... "This is my 14th year of football," says Bear RB Walter Payton, "and I can't ever recall being more frustrated or mentally fatigued than-1 am now." Payton, overaging only 3.4 yards a carry and with one 100-yard day, faces Chief defense allowing 99 yards rushing a game.

Bear injuries: FS Lenny Walterscheid, knee (O); LB Otis Wilson, ankle (Q); RB-KR Dave Williams, knee (Q); WR Rickey Watts, ribs (P).

Chief injuries: P Bob Grupp, shoulder (O); LB Thomas Howard, knee (D); DE Mike Bell, ankle (Q); TE Al Dixon, shoulder (Q); LB Charles Jackson, ankle (Q); TE Ed Beckman, hip (Q); S Deron Cherry, shoulder (P). Bills (6-3) at Cowboys (7-2)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500, WQRA-FM-94.3, 9 p.m.

Data: Dowboys favored by 3 1/2... Monday night game... "We play our best football when we're behind," says Cowboy QB Danny White ofter directing come-from-behind wins last two weeks... Bills pattern their shotgun attack after Cowboys, and QB Joe Ferguson (19 TD passes) having his best NFL season... Cowboy RB Tony Dorsett needs 28 yards to become first NFL player to rush for 1,000 yards in each of his first five seasons... Cowboys unbeaten at home since Thanksgiving 1979.

Bill injuries: LB Shane Nelson, knee (O); WR Jerry Butler, shoulder (P); LB Phil Villapiano, hamstring (P); DE Ken Johnson, hamstring (P).

Cowboy injuries: LB Anthony Dickerson, hip (P); T Pat Donovan, calf (P); WR Tony Hill, toe (P); LB Angelo King, foot (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.